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Kick Off Your Promotion with Activation and Field Marketing Services

Did you just sign on as a sponsor for a major event? Is your latest product ready to take its debut? Get the word out with activation and field marketing services by Impact Advertising. Our marketing gurus will sit down with you and create a campaign that will target your key consumer and design the visuals needed to grab their attention in a big way! We can talk banners, posters, mini posters, hand outs, and more. Whatever you need to emblazon your brand in the minds of your consumer, we can do it!

Building Bolder Banners and Advertising for Events

When you sign on as a sponsor for an arena, con, or seminar, you should take full advantage of the opportunity. We can help you with advertising for events by creating the giant banners and posters that will show your brand to the world. Are there demonstrations that will be recorded? Make sure that your product is placed where that camera is aiming. Our state-of-the-art printing facility can create the colors, logos, and information in the size you need to make the biggest splash possible.

From Concept to Printing to Installation

We are more than a promo printer. You need a unique and unified approach to your product promotion or roll out. Bring your brand to us and we can suggest where it ought to be tweaked to include the latest product or service. Once we have your new look, we will craft all the graphics needed for your retail store, subway ads, banners, flyers, and direct to consumer printed materials. For large convention spaces, ask us about installation, too! We will make it all happen for you.

Impact Advertising is waiting for your call! Whether you are looking to break out or simply need to brush up your current spots, we have the marketing services and supplies that you need.

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